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Coaching Testimonials

“I am now far more aware of my specific strengths and weaknesses as a manager; I am less inclined to write something off as ‘that’s just how I am’. Rather, I am now more likely to consider whether my gut approach to a situation is what works best in a given instance for my department and to make choices based more on a rational assessment of what is likely to be most effective.”
– Editorial Director of an International Publication

“John and Dana’s suggestions helped me improve my communication both up and down the reporting structure and strengthened my ability to clarify expectations both on a micro level – by each account, employee, issue, or day – and on a macro level in relation to categories, teams or the entire department and organization”
– Associate Publisher

“As various issues have arisen, I have sometimes re-read parts of John and Dana’s reports to help me re-focus my process while working toward my goals.  But even without such reference at the ready, I know that the skills gleaned from my coaching sessions and my heightened awareness of myself as a senior presence in a complicated workplace, will continue to inform my professional choices in a positive way”
– Vice President and Executive Editor

Although it’s been about a month-and-a-half since our last discussion, I wanted to let you both know that I continue to benefit from the time we spent together. One of the “tools” I’ve realized I’ve developed is, when faced with a situation that I find challenging or when I sense a danger of falling back into a behavior that hasn’t work well is to picture myself telling you about the interaction and imagine what you might have said. Coupled with periodically glancing through the notes from our discussions, I feel like I am continuing to move forward. As I regularly check in on this with Katherine, I know she shares on this view.
– University CFO

Dana was instrumental in helping me make decisions at a critical juncture in my career. She helped me identify and blend my personal and professional goals, and guided me to create a meaningful plan to accomplish them. Over the course of the following weeks and months, I was able to follow the practical guidance Dana had helped me develop, and achieve my goals.  I wouldn’t hesitate to return to Dana for guidance in the future, as new paths and opportunities emerge in my professional life.

– Anonymous


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