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Why is Collaboration So Difficult?

‘Collaboration’ among many individuals with a variety of orientations is often seen as the source of success for all kinds of organizations.  In government, the Obama administration has highlighted the President’s intention to listen and consider many views before making decisions. In healthcare, the model practiced at the Mayo clinic, which rests on teams of specialists sharing knowledge and information on individual cases, is touted as most effective and efficient. For business organizations, we are often reminded that innovation and responsiveness to customers and clients can best be achieved when people from many functions work together seamlessly and ‘silos are busted’.

If Collaboration is so effective, why aren’t we all doing it?

It takes more than assembling a group of people and giving them a common task to make them effective collaborators. Even with the best of intentions, individuals have a strong tendency to defend their own views, perspectives and interests.  How can organizations harness the power of Collaboration and overcome this tendency?

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Though it takes extra effort to create true Collaboration,
the outcomes generally justify the effort!

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