Results Through Leadership:



Commitment to Achieving Results

We can work with your organization in a variety of ways to build on existing strengths, identify opportunities for improving capabilities, building skills and implementing actions. All of our services can be delivered by themselves or in combination.

Leading Through Transition

Success begins with clarity of vision and strategy. Plans and strategies only work when the people who must implement them are committed to the vision. Our approach to change and transformation results in a creative and compelling plan for the future that inspires commitment. We help you identify and create the culture you will need to sustain the changes required to achieve the vision.

High Performing Teams

Commitment to a strategy may not be enough if people aren’t able to work in mutually supportive ways. We can help groups of people become high performing teams.

Leadership and Management Development Programs

No matter how talented the people are, organizations succeed or fail based on the abilities of leaders and managers. Our leadership and management development programs, both fully designed 1-3 day programs or customized to your specific needs, help individual managers and leaders build their skills and hone their approaches.


For some individual managers and leaders, coaching is a more effective approach to development. We help managers and leaders grow significantly in their abilities to inspire, direct and develop others in support of a focused strategy. The Delphi Group, Inc. has customized a 360° feedback instrument and process that can provide a more informed basis for coaching.

Resolving Conflict

Conflict is an inevitable and even necessary part of organizational life, leading to high quality, creative decisions when managed effectively. Unfortunately, poorly managed conflict extracts a high cost on morale, productivity and effectiveness. We can help you build a culture of collaboration through our intervention as facilitators, or by providing conflict resolution training.

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Our Guarantee

Your work with The Delphi Group, Inc. will have a direct impact on your bottom line, however you measure it!

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