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Team Effectiveness Testimonials

Jarvis Cutting Tools provides high-performance, metallurgically specific drills for unique applications.

John Shorb assisted us in streamlining our manufacturing processes and in creating work cells rather than the traditional ‘production line’ method of manufacturing.  This resulted in decreasing customer specialty order response time, reduction of inventories, and an increase in overall productivity.  This enabled us to generate additional business in market sectors that we were previously unable to penetrate.

John also assisted the entire management group in improving their overall effectiveness through team-building and the development of facilitative leadership skills.  John has a special ability to work with all levels of the organization in a very hands-on way.  We continue to reap the benefits of this work which occurred over a 3 year period and we continue to use the Performance Management system which John developed with us.

I consider John to be an ongoing personal coach and would highly recommend him as a consultant to any organization seeking to improve their effectiveness.
President- Precision tool manufacturer

The advertising department of the Cape Cod Times made the decision to reorganize into teams five years ago in hopes of improving our process, quality and reduce the amount of credits we were experiencing. With the help of John Shorb and the Delphi Group, we were able to streamline our department into a more efficient staff. With John’s guidance we have improved our productivity, significantly reduced costs, and greatly improved our relationships with our advertisers.
Kevin D. Wright, Ad Services Manager of the Cape Cod Times newspaper

We are delighted with the work done for us by the Delphi Group since they have guided us along the path that all felt we needed to follow but couldn’t see  because the trees were in the way. There is much to do, but Dana and John will  be there for us and we have such admiration for their knowledge and experience
that our optimistic enthusiasm remains. Half the battle has been won for us,  thanks to The Delphi Group.

– University

In working with the Delphi Group, we’ve been able to make significant progress in gaining buy-in, support and group consensus.

– Anonymous

A huge thanks to you for facilitating another excellent session.  I’ve heard overwhelmingly positive feedback from US based participants about the course and the content.  The participants specifically appreciate your expertise, depth of experience and knowledge – as well as your ability to support their learning needs.

– NTL Institute


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