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I wanted to close the loop with both of you and let you know that the Leaders offsite last week was a great success!  We were able to achieve the President’s metric for us – of time of engagement and energy, contributions and peoples ability to speak up.  

Thanks to both of you for your coaching and thinking – it certainly helped us navigate some important elements!

International Director, Organization Development

Feedback from Directors regarding the Leading and Managing Strategic Change course has been extremely positive.  They note specific changes in the way those who have attended the course address their challenges.

I also received positive feedback from other senior managers about this program and they’re ready to send more of their direct reports to the program.

International Director, Human Resources

Things are going extremely well.  It is nearly miraculous.  Thank you both!  The spirit that we found at our last meeting has carried through all our continuing work, which in turn has brought benefits to the rest of the organization.  Not that we all don’t have ongoing issues and questions, but we’re approaching them from a very strong place. 

Executive Director, Northern Forest  Center

Your work is showing in terrific ways. Bravo!

The acquisition nearly doubled the Ad staff.  Your help in creating a unified culture out of two separate workforces has been invaluable

President, Seacoast Media Group

Thanks for all your work on this project.  Meetings have been productive and people have interacted in a much more effective manner. The process went very well and we gained some valuable insight into what to do right the next time.  You played an absolutely essential role in getting this project back into the “ballpark” so we could move forward with a new concept. 

Scarborough, Maine Town Manager

(Your coaching client) has talked about how beneficial your working with him has been, especially in preparing for the President’s offsite strategy meeting. He also mentioned how you are helping him accept the fact that his current role is quite different than before and the helpful recommendations you have given him with regards to motivating/coaching/developing his staff. 

Vice President, Human Resources, Conde Nast Publishing

Thanks John and Dana. You have been very helpful in assisting this new team.  We are revisiting our Mission, individual roles and decision making.  We’re off and running . . .  Thanks for helping show us the way.

Vice President,  Conde Nast Publishing

John and Dana did an excellent job. Feedback from the team was very positive. I plan on using you to engage others in the organization. Thanks.

Senior Vice President, Lucent Technologies

The ATC Executive Committee met yesterday. They devoted about one-and-one-half hours to reviewing and discussing the proposals we received in response to our RFP for consulting services related to strategic planning and organizational development. A total of nine firms were invited to submit proposals and seven did (the other two would have, but other engagements prevented them for meeting our timetable).

I really wasn’t sure where we would end up yesterday. I thought perhaps the EC would narrow the field to perhaps three firms, then charge me and a few others to narrow it down to one. However, following discussion, it was apparent that your firm, The Delphi Group, and your proposal was highly ranked on virtually everyone’s list. Indeed, you were the number one choice.

Executive Director, Appalachian Trail Conservancy

There is no doubt we are working better and more closely than we ever have. We communicate regularly and before problems occur. We do plan and are trying hard to consider each others’ needs when planning our projects. The management team is working more effectively than any time in my tenure.  Our renewed level of open communications with all employees has resulted in more great ideas than we’ve ever had and everyone appreciates the candor.  Thank so much for getting us on track.

Advertising Director, Pocono Record Dow Jones newspaper

Senior management and an engaged Board benefited considerably by your facilitation of and guidance through a productive strategic planning retreat.

CEO Dead River Co

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