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As President & CEO of Guy Gannett Communications we had successfully achieved a turn-around in terms of bottom-line performance, however I sensed that the culture of our multi-location newspaper and television media company was not what would sustain the company’s growth and productivity longer term.

Though the cultural and political waters were murky, John navigated these and helped me and our collective management group to clarify our thinking, agree on values, goals, and principles, and start out in a new and ultimately productive direction.  Over a 3-4 year period, John worked with each of our locations in developing strategies, building skills, and implementing plans to support this direction.

An example of his personal impact on me was that, as CEO, I was challenged to let go of decisions and focus on molding processes by which my colleagues made decisions.  John assisted in helping me through this passage, resulting in a leadership “growth spurt” for me.

The impact of all of this work was a higher performing organization in multiple dimensions that would serve all stakeholders well.
– President Gannett Communications

Soon after being appointed President of Konica Photo East, I engaged John Shorb to assist me and my executive team in creating a new Direction for our organization.  We were about to grow, nearly 10 fold within 3 years, via acquisition and startup of new facilities.

John Shorb was an invaluable resource, assisting with the overall strategy development and deployment as well as building critical skills across our organization.  Over an approximately 4 year period, John worked with every segment and every location of our company.  He is the most skillful facilitator that I have ever worked with and has a unique credibility and ability to work with a technical organization because of his engineering background.

John’s contributions enabled us to expand our operations ahead of schedule and to achieve dramatically new levels of revenue generation as well as industry-wide leadership in quality and customer service.
Konica Photo East

It is due to working with The Delphi Group, I was able to objectively see past the tip of the iceberg, get to the bottom of it and solve the issue in a positive way.

– Nokia


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