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360° Feedback

360° Feedback is both a survey instrument and a process used to gather objective information about how an individual leader is perceived and experienced by those around him or her, including superiors, peers and direct reports.

The Delphi Group gathers information through interviews as well as a customized questionnaire which results in much richer and detailed information than provided by typical online surveys.  We then assemble a comprehensive report for the individual being assessed that includes summaries, analysis, interpretations and recommendations, still preserving the anonymity of those who contributed.  We walk the recipient through the report, help him or her digest the feedback and make sense of it, and assist in goal formation.  The 360° process provides an excellent foundation for subsequent Leadership Coaching.

Survey Topics include:

The steps include:

The unique 360 feedback process employed by The Delphi Group, has been instrumental in guiding senior management development and the coaching program across the company.

– Noted by both President and VP Human Resources, Conde Nast Publishing

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