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Divided Government Can Get Things Done

When asked if he would have more progressives in his cabinet, Joe Biden replied that his administration would ‘look like America’. Given that we are a nation as deeply divided as we have ever been, it will be an unruly bunch, to say the least. There are deep divisions not only between the Executive and […]

How do I communicate effectively with my team?

Everyone talks about how important it is to communicate. Communication takes time. How do I know when, how and what to communicate with my team? ACE answers: Communication is important for a variety of reasons. When done well, it can play a significant role in building employee commitment, motivation, a sense of belonging and a […]

DIALOGUE ON RACE: Is It Possible To Have Constructive Conversations About Race?

Author: Dana Morris Jones Why is it so difficult to have constructive conversations about race? I’m not just referring to how uncomfortable they are, but to how ineffective they seem to be in enhancing understanding. The easiest answer may be because our experiences are so vastly different that to achieve real understanding takes real skill. […]

Keeping the Turkey Talk Tame

Whether you’re hosting or attending, you can do a lot to make your Thanksgiving a peaceful and pleasant event by offering a few tried and true approaches. Before you even pass the turkey, set the tone by saying a few words about how nice it is to be together this year. Then ask everyone to […]

Is Anyone Interested In Rational Problem-Solving?

As another shutdown looms large, I wonder how we lost our taste for solving complex problems in rational and effective ways. Or maybe we’ve lost the skill. Humans have been capable of using high-level cognitive abilities to weigh alternatives and devise creative solutions to complex problems for eons. Yet our esteemed leaders have forgone those […]

Many Causes & Many Costs of our Divisiveness

As some legislators continue to work to bridge the partisanship and divisiveness that seems to pervade every institution these days, most are finding that it is an almost impossible goal, as this article helps show. Why is this the case and, more importantly, why does it matter? Some point to gerrymandering – the drawing of […]


Peace is not just the opposite of war; it’s the calm and comfort that exists when we don’t have to fear that disruptive conflict can happen at any moment. A sense of peace allows us to let down our guard and experience a release of stress and tension. That doesn’t describe the world we are […]

Resolving Workplace Conflict Constructively Is Good For Business

This article “Tips on Managing Office Conflict” is a reminder that workplace conflict, while inevitable, does not have to have a negative impact. Many of us spend as much time with the people we work with as we do with our families. Since every human being is different and all have a lot at stake […]

Sexual Harassment & Emotional Intelligence

Even if you wanted to, you could no longer ignore the flood of accusations of sexual misconduct and the #metoo statements that have filled every form of media in the last several months. As I listen to the conversations generated everywhere, what I notice is that there is very little agreement about why this is […]

Do we need to revive civility?

There is a national initiative being launched in Maine called Revive Civility, which makes me wonder. Is civility dead or just unconscious? What has caused its demise and why does it matter? And what can we do about it?   While some may hear the term civility and think it means being polite or nice, […]

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