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Resolving Conflicts

Managing Conflict Constructively

The cost of unmanaged conflict in organizations is tremendous! It can be the cause of:

Conflict cannot – and should not – be avoided.  Well managed conflict is the source of creativity, innovation, and needed change.  Few organizations have norms, practices and skills that allow them to manage inevitable conflict in the most constructive way. Does yours?

The Delphi Group can help your organization develop a Culture of Collaboration that embraces, models and rewards effective Conflict Resolution practices:

The Delphi Group’s unique 5-step model for resolving conflict in organizations has been taught and tested in real life situations.  It is a straightforward approach that is easy to learn and is of benefit to the entire organization as well as to groups and individuals.

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It is due to working with The Delphi Group, that I was able to objectively see past the tip of the iceberg, get to the bottom of it and solve the issue in a positive way. The meeting went better than expected. I used your helpful hint on framing the proposal by focusing in on our common ground… Company profitability, partner successes, etc. Still have work to do in executing our plan but was able to make significant progress in gaining buy-in, support and group consensus.

– Senior Manager, Nokia (Alcatel-Lucent)

I personally appreciate the “wake up call” to all of the negative feelings I have (and am probably conveying to my team). I am working to deal with those so I can continue to lead. I also appreciate the way you taught the course, collaborative, interactive. Having been a teacher in a past life, I found your methods very effective.

– Anonymous

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