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High-Performing Teams

Creating High-Performing Teams in your Organization

Do you know when to implement a team-oriented structure in your business or organization? If you already utilize teams, are you reaping the benefits?

Consider this recent research:

Teams aren’t just about big business and large organizations. Skillful teams are even more valuable in mid-sized and small organizations because individuals wear many different hats and the work environment requires more interaction.  In some small, entrepreneurial businesses the entire staff is a single team.


A poorly structured or poorly led team with inadequate team skills will be outperformed by a traditional structure. Simply telling a group of people they’re a team and giving them responsibilities does not result in an effective team.



The Delphi Group can help your organization take advantage of the benefits of high-performing teams by:

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John Shorb assisted us in streamlining our manufacturing processes and in creating multi-skilled workteams. Results included faster order response time, reduction of inventories and increased overall productivity.

John also assisted the entire management group in improving overall effectiveness through team-building and the development of facilitative leadership skills.

– President, Jarvis Cutting Tools

The Advertising Dept. reorganized into teams in hopes of improving our process and quality. John led us through an initiative that resulted in all teams building the skills and practices necessary to truly function as a team. We ultimately achieved productivity and quality improvement, reduced costs and improved relationships with customers.

– Advertising Services Manager, Cape Cod Times, Dow Jones newspaper

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