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Vision to Execution

Executing Your Company’s Vision

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there”

As new information, new experiences, and new opportunities present themselves, your organization must be flexible and deliberate about altering vision, strategies, actions and overall execution accordingly.

The Delphi Group, Inc. can assist you in facilitating a very deliberate process that will result in a plan that all stakeholders can support and is useful on a daily basis – not a document that is put in the drawer after the annual strategic planning off-site! The Strategic Plan should be the “keel on the ship” that guides decision making through changing times.

Vision is not a low-probability dream.  It is an achievable statement of “where we’re going”that is a stretch from where we are now and addresses our intentions in terms of:

With a clear vision, it is possible to deliberately assess the gap between the present state (where we are now) and the vision and to develop strategies and actions to bridge the gap.

Keys to Executing the Vision

Any plan or strategy is only as good as its execution. This is an area that is frequently overlooked or is filled with assumptions.

Successful execution involves attention to the following:


The Delphi Group can assist you in clarifying your vision/direction, developing a strategy and set of actions in a way that engages your organization to create buy-in, and building an organizational culture that enables execution.

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Soon after being appointed President, I engaged John Shorb to assist me and my executive team in creating a new Direction for our organization. We were about to grow, nearly 10 fold within 3 years, via acquisition and startup of new facilities.

John worked with every segment and location of our company. He is the most skillful facilitator I have ever worked with and his engineering background enables a unique credibility and ability to work with a technical organization. Our operational expansion was completed ahead of schedule with dramatically improved revenue generation as well as industry-wide leadership in quality and customer service.

– Former President, Konica Photo East

Leading Through Transition

Key Ingredient – Culture

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