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Management Training

Management Training is for any individual with management responsibilities who wants to step up to the challenge of becoming a truly great leader. We offer several focused programs appropriate for all levels of leaders/managers.

These can be delivered at your site for up to 20 individuals from anywhere in the organization or for intact teams; or participate in one of our public programs with members of other organizations. We can also custom design a program directly related to your challenges and your organizational culture.

Our management training programs include:

Strategic Leadership for Turbulent Times

As organizations experience accelerated change, leaders at all levels must exercise great skill in building their own unit in a way that strategically aligns with overall direction.

Participants will learn how to:

  1. Identify competing forces that can lead to or block success
  2. Think strategically about how to move the organization forward
  3. Motivate and inspire others to embrace change
  4. Build collaborative cross-boundary relationships
  5. Create a future vision and concrete action plan for achieving it

The Power of Self-Knowledge for Effective Leadership

The most effective leaders draw their power to influence others from their own internal strengths, whatever they may be.  Insight and awareness into one’s own preferences, styles, capabilities and approaches provide the foundation for making good choices about how to lead and interact with others in order to create the most effective organizational outcomes.  Participants will gain insight about their:

  1. Emotional Intelligence
  2. Situational Leadership Ability
  3. Conflict Resolution Style
  4. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Participants practice skills related to each of these areas of self-awareness as well as understand the relationship of leadership style to organizational effectiveness

Influencing When You’re Not in Charge

In most organizations, employees at every level must be able to effectively influence others over whom they have no formal authority.  This is due to many factors including the complexity of problems to be solved, the fast pace of change, and the fact that knowledge and expertise are widely distributed throughout flatter, networked structures.

This program engages participants in a series of activities that require them to apply analytic and interpersonal skills to real situations in which they must influence others. It is based on a set of sound theoretical concepts related to five skill areas:

  1. Strategic thinking
  2. Clarity about outcomes
  3. Assessment of the current reality
  4. Ability to enlist support
  5. Ability to position oneself to influence

Resolving Conflict Constructively

The cost to organizations of unresolved and poorly managed conflict is enormous. Conflict in organizations is inevitable and can actually be a source of excellence and innovation when addressed skillfully.  This experiential program enhances participants’ ability to:

The Delphi Group’s unique 5-step model for resolving conflict in organizations has been taught in Fortune 500 companies, to Coaching Clients and Graduate Students and has been put to the test in real life situations with significant positive results.

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