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Key Ingredient – Culture

What is organizational culture and why is it important?

An organization’s culture represents the energy to either “stay put” or to “move forward”; it’s a combination of both explicit and implicit norms and behaviors. Culture also includes assumptions, values, and beliefs.

Successful execution of change and transformation requires a deliberate assessment of the current culture as well as careful design of the intended culture.





Culture is shaped by things such as:

The Delphi Group, Inc. can assist you in assessing the state of your current culture, defining the culture that will support your Change or Transformation, and help bridge the gap.

We had successfully achieved a turn-around in bottom-line performance, however I sensed that the culture of our multi-location company was not what would sustain our growth and productivity longer term.

Though the cultural and political waters were murky, John navigated these and helped me and our collective management group to clarify our strategic thinking, agree on values, goals, and principles, and start out in a new and ultimately productive direction. John worked with each of our locations in developing transition strategies, building skills and implementing plans to support this direction.

– President & CEO, Guy Gannett Communications

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