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Are Emotional Intelligence and Collaboration Becoming the Norm?

Are Emotional Intelligence and Collaboration Becoming the Norm?

business-1296337_1280-700A few months ago the World Economic Forum released a report entitled ‘The Future of Jobs’, based on the polling of chief human resources officers at large employers across the globe.  One of the most interesting (to me) findings was that by 2020, more than one third of the desired core skill sets will be in social skill areas like emotional intelligence and collaboration.

This theme seems to be echoing everywhere, but maybe that’s just because of the particular canyons I choose to place myself in.  Is it becoming a reality?  Ask yourself, in the organizations you have worked with or within in the past few years, to what extent are these hallmarks present?

It’s not only leaders at the top of an organization who set the tone to create these conditions, but leaders must be able to model, talk about and reward these cultural attributes. Then it’s everyone else’s responsibility to have the courage and commitment to follow through.

What’s been your experience?

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