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Whether working in an organization of 10 or 10,000, most of us have encountered environments that do little to minimize the impact of poorly managed conflict, often resulting in poor morale and lost productivity. How is it possible to create organizational cultures that promote collaboration instead of destructive conflict?

Interview on The Author Show

Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed on The Author Show! Take a listen and find out who I think my book will help and how! The Author Show Interview Part 1 The Author Show Interview Part 2 The Author Show Interview Part 3 The Author Show Interview Part 4

Imagining the Future Helps Resolve Conflict

Lack of patience and impulsivity can get us in trouble when trying to resolve a conflict. Being able to imagine the desired future outcome of the situation can increase one’s patience and ability to override the impulse that makes things go south.

Filling the Leadership Gap

Filling the Leadership Gap Many organizations are facing a ‘leadership gap’ created by the retirement of older boomer-generation executives coupled with a dearth of experienced managers to take their place. While there may be an abundance of relatively new and talented employees eager to rise, too few have the depth of experience needed to successfully […]

Emotions and Conflict: More Complicated than We Think

Emotions and Conflict: More Complicated than We Think I was not at all prepared for the pushback I got when speaking to a distinguished group of conflict resolution and organization development professionals about resolving organizational differences. I had not questioned an assumption I have been making for decades, that expressions of strong feelings made in […]

360 Degree Feedback: Useful Tool or Destructive Force?

360 Degree Feedback: Useful Tool or Destructive Force? 360⁰ feedback is a process used to provide an individual with information about themselves in the form of anonymous feedback from people who work with them directly, their peers,  co-workers, direct reports and bosses.  It has become a popular tool for developing mid to high level managers […]

‘Performance Management’ – new tricks for an old dog!

The phrase Performance Management typically congers up feelings and memories of required annual reviews, forms and ratings that were not only less than meaningful but seen by both those on the sending and receiving ends as toil, something to be avoided if at all possible and most likely justified by bean counters and personnel people […]