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Interview on The Author Show

Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed on The Author Show! Take a listen and find out who I think my book will help and how! The Author Show Interview Part 1 The Author Show Interview Part 2 The Author Show Interview Part 3 The Author Show Interview Part 4

Imagining the Future Helps Resolve Conflict

Lack of patience and impulsivity can get us in trouble when trying to resolve a conflict. Being able to imagine the desired future outcome of the situation can increase one’s patience and ability to override the impulse that makes things go south.

More on Innovation

I recently further explored the idea of how innovation can be encouraged in organizations and wrote an article about it.  Read the article entitled Innovation Depends on Teamwork. I’d love your comments!

Where Does Innovation Come From?

Innovation – the creation of something new and useful – is the lifeblood of organizational success. Now more than ever, organizations rely on innovation as the single most promising strategy to growth. The most astute organizations are trying to stimulate innovation by building cultures that encourage it, but many are finding that this is easier […]