Results Through Leadership:


High-Performing Teams

Developing High-Performing Organizations, Teams & Groups

Answer these questions, thinking about the
organization you work in, on a scale of 1 to 10, with
1 = Strongly Disagree, 10 = Strongly Agree

    1. The Vision and Mission or Purpose of this organization or team is clearly defined, documented and understood by all members.

    2. Goals and Objectives are commonly understood and developed through the involvement of the entire organization or team.

    3. Roles and responsibilities are clearly defined and understood across this organization or team.

    4.Members of this organization or team see themselves as interdependent, with overlapping boundaries, rather than operating in ‘silos’.

    5. There is a high level of trust across the organization, demonstrated by its members interacting in mutually supportive ways.

    6. There are effective and well-supported practices and norms to guide this organization or team’s functioning.

    7. There is a high level of skill across all levels of management and leadership relative to creating and maintaining a high-performing organization or team.

    8. The organization periodically self-evaluates its overall effectiveness and plans its own growth and development.

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