Results Through Leadership:


Leading and Managing Change

Leading and Managing Change

Answer these questions, thinking about the
organization you work in, on a scale of 1 to 10, with
1 = Strongly Disagree, 10 = Strongly Agree

    1. There is a clear and well-communicated strategy for moving this organization from its ‘current state’ to an intended ‘future state’ or vision.

    2. Strategic planning is conducted in a way that engages multiple levels and functions throughout the organization.

    3. When changes occur or new strategies are developed, current practices are assessed to determine how they can be modified to support the change.

    4. Intentional efforts are made to ensure that the organizational culture supports and enables new strategies and directions.

    5. During times of change or implementation of strategic plans, progress toward milestones are periodically reviewed and plans are altered based on what is learned.

    6. Resistance to change is met with skillful actions to help people move from resistance to acceptance and commitment.

    7. This organization has a track record of successfully following through on changes and strategies so as not to create a norm of ‘false starts’.

    8. There is a high level of skill at all management and leadership levels relative to managing and leading change.

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