Results Through Leadership:


Resolving Conflicts

Resolving Differences /
Conflict Resolution

Answer these questions, thinking about the
organization you work in, on a scale of 1 to 10, with
1 = Strongly Disagree, 10 = Strongly Agree


    1.In this organization, people are skillful in resolving their differences effectively


    2. Managers know when and how to step in to help resolve conflicts among their team members or with others in the organization


    3. The teams and groups I work in do a good job of resolving differences and not letting them interfere with our work


    4.Differences between managers and their direct reports are most often discussed and resolved to their mutual satisfaction


    5. The culture here encourages people to raise issues and discuss them openly and constructively


    6. Collaboration across organizational boundaries is the norm here


    7.In this organization, there is a great degree of openness to new ideas


    8. It is not unusual for an individual or team or department to sacrifice a short term gain for the longer term good of the organization

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