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Sexual Harassment & Emotional Intelligence

Even if you wanted to, you could no longer ignore the flood of accusations of sexual misconduct and the #metoo statements that have filled every form of media in the last several months. As I listen to the conversations generated everywhere, what I notice is that there is very little agreement about why this is […]

Do we need to revive civility?

There is a national initiative being launched in Maine called Revive Civility, which makes me wonder. Is civility dead or just unconscious? What has caused its demise and why does it matter? And what can we do about it?   While some may hear the term civility and think it means being polite or nice, […]

Heineken Ad Can Be A Call To Action

The Heineken ad that portrays diametrically opposed individuals coming together around a common task (building a bar, of course) and ultimately having a beer, has stirred considerable controversy. Yes, it rosily suggests that we can begin to bridge some of our most painful divides (misogyny vs feminism, one-man-one-woman vs transgender right to be) simply by […]


Whether working in an organization of 10 or 10,000, most of us have encountered environments that do little to minimize the impact of poorly managed conflict, often resulting in poor morale and lost productivity. How is it possible to create organizational cultures that promote collaboration instead of destructive conflict?

Interview on The Author Show

Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed on The Author Show! Take a listen and find out who I think my book will help and how! The Author Show Interview Part 1 The Author Show Interview Part 2 The Author Show Interview Part 3 The Author Show Interview Part 4

Imagining the Future Helps Resolve Conflict

Lack of patience and impulsivity can get us in trouble when trying to resolve a conflict. Being able to imagine the desired future outcome of the situation can increase one’s patience and ability to override the impulse that makes things go south.

Decision By Consensus? Yes, But With Some Caveats

I recently read this article on LinkedIn titled “Consensus? No, Good Decisions Require Respectful Disagreement” which seems to suggest that ‘Consensus’ involves the absence of disagreement or the suppression of dissent. Nothing could be further from my understanding of Consensus. Indeed, many decision-makers seek only to hear from those who agree with them, but this […]

Are Emotional Intelligence and Collaboration Becoming the Norm?

Are Emotional Intelligence and Collaboration Becoming the Norm? A few months ago the World Economic Forum released a report entitled ‘The Future of Jobs’, based on the polling of chief human resources officers at large employers across the globe.  One of the most interesting (to me) findings was that by 2020, more than one third […]

Competition, Collaboration and Conflict

My children grew up at a time when every child who made it from one end of the pool to the other during the Saturday morning swim-meets got a ribbon, not a blue ribbon, but a ribbon nonetheless.  The thinking was that their self-esteem might be damaged if they were not praised for every effort.  […]

Why is Collaboration So Difficult?

‘Collaboration’ among many individuals with a variety of orientations is often seen as the source of success for all kinds of organizations.  In government, the Obama administration has highlighted the President’s intention to listen and consider many views before making decisions. In healthcare, the model practiced at the Mayo clinic, which rests on teams of […]